Frank’s youth in Brooklyn, New York, was enveloped in art, antiquities, and music. His fondest memories embrace exploring attics and basements, seeking “treasures,” often regarded trash by others. Drawing, and music played an important part in his life then and now. He designs, builds, and plays a variety of musical instruments, and has done so since his teens.
Sant’Agata was influenced by creative/self-reliant parents. His artist mother actively decorated their home—the home his furniture and model maker father built. Literally growing up in his dad’s workshop, he learned to create and restore at an early age and gained appreciation for quality workmanship. Drafting was Sant’Agata’s initial profession. That led to land planning. The subdivisions he designed required plats of record, lettered in India ink on linen cloth. Frank gained expertise in calligraphy in the process. His later architectural design experience fueled his interest in rendering and illustration, eventually emerging as his detailed style of watercolor art.

His love for antiques kept Frank busy for over four decades in “The Wooden Works” his popular woodworking and antique restoration shop in the Texas Hill Country. The shop, as eclectic as the artist himself, was also involved with furniture building, cabinets, stringed instrument making, signs, and more.

Frank opened “Sant’Agata School of Art” in 1986. He taught children grades K-12 to draw what they “saw,” rather than what they “thought.” His successful teaching method is completely unique, and has proved to hundreds of children, adults, and seniors; they could learn to draw well in very little time. Frank continues to offer art and craft workshops from time to time and private lessons on a limited schedule. A renaissance man in the purest sense, Sant’Agata is a rarity in our modern world. But best by far is his willingness to share!

©2001 Paco Valentino, A.E.

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