These days, I choose not to schedule workshops because I prefer creating  art and making objects than spending my time promoting events. If you would like to do the organizing for me, your tuition is free! (minimum of five students; maximum of twelve) Let me know and we can maybe work something out. Private lessons are always available. Below are some reviews from past students over my 28 years of teaching children, adults, and seniors:

Frank has an innate ability to teach.

It is apparent Frank loves his work and put a lot of consideration along with personal knowledge and experience into every class presentation.

It was exciting to see that although there were 10 to 12 of us in the class, each received personalized attention.

Mr. Sant’Agata wants his to students to learn. Instructor is very helpful–shows much concern toward students development.

Mr. Sant’Agata relates to the students and very well. Absolutely amazing results.

Frank is an excellent instructor. He was very good with a class of beginners.

I have taken other classes and didn’t learn anything. This was the second one with Mr. Sant’Agata and I have learned so much with him. He is patient and understanding, a great teacher who really understands the subject and explains it well.

I particularly appreciated the professional manner in which Mr. Sant’Agata conducted the class, providing a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for creativity.

Instructor goes right to work-to the point-puts one at ease-supportive of of everyone’s efforts-easy to understand. Frank is enthusiastic, has wonderful suggestions, is inspiring, and made me feel there’s nothing overwhelmingly difficult.

The class was both interesting and informative. Mr. Sant’Agata is an excellent teacher. He knows his subject and has the ability to convey it to his students. He does not waste time. The class moves along smoothly.
He doesn’t put anyone down with criticism. He makes sure you understand. This knowledgeable and extremely patient instructor is absolutely tops!

Thank you. I appreciate your compassion and sensitivity towards us who were very apprehensive about our own ability.

The instructor gives clear easy to follow instructions, and is kind and patient with beginners. He really knows the subject and how to impart his knowledge to students.
I think Mr. Sant’Agata is an excellent teacher.

Frank’s courses always seem too short. Class time flies. Too bad the sessions end. There is simply no better instructor than Frank. He is an authority in his field, and imbued with interminable patience with his students, makes learning both satisfying and fun. A real pro!

The instructor was excellent and informative, and the class materials well organized.

Very direct and interesting. Well structured and thought out. Good planning and procedure.

. . .the quiet authority of a teacher who knows his subject.  It’s awesome how Frank teaches you!